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Thanksgiving Rescue!

By The YouTube Team

Here in the States, everyone’s mouths are watering at the thought of Thanksgiving. Chefs like Jolene Sugarbaker, Martha Stewart, and Jamie Oliver may have everything under control, but if you’re like us you haven’t even started shopping yet. But there’s no need to panic: our community of gurus is here to help with recipes and tips to make your holiday dinner super scrumptious. These videos reveal the secrets that make the classic dishes work, including how to cook a turkey, make mashed potatoes and concoct cranberry sauce to die for.

So create that grocery list, go to your 24-hour market, and make Thanksgiving magic. Then, when the tryptophan sets in and you can’t get off the couch, we have just the thing that can help with that too…

Gobble, gobble,

The YouTube Team