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Taxi Driver Viewing Party Tonight!

By Nate Weinstein

YouTube Film

Movie buffs of YouTube unite.

Tonight, we'll be hosting a live viewing party of the critically-acclaimed feature film Taxi Driver in the YouTube Screening Room, courtesy of our friends at Crackle.

Visit the Screening Room at 6pm PT to start watching.  You'll see an embedded Twitter feed collecting real-time tweets from other fans watching the film.  If you want to offer your own comments, log in to your Twitter account and post them with the hashtag #yttaxidriver.

We'll be there with you, dropping some trivia, quotes and favorite moments for your communal viewing pleasure. Remember, Taxi Driver is rated R, so you'll need to be logged into your YouTube account to watch, and unfortunately, the video is restricted to users in the U.S. only. 

To stay on top of great new films from Crackle, be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

See you in the Screening Room.