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T-Minus Two Weeks 'Til Election Day

By Olivia Ma

YouTube News & Politics

For months you've heard very little on the news but the latest twists and turns of this thrilling - though everlasting - presidential race. By now you've seen the debates, watched the campaign commercials, and hashed out the issues with friends. You've had celebrities, athletes, not to mention your mom, telling you about the importance of voting. Finally, the time to cast your ballot has arrived! In a number of states, like Ohio, Iowa, and North Carolina, early voting has already begun, and absentee ballots are being mailed in from around the world. And two weeks from today, on November 4, millions of Americans will head to the polling place to exercise their democratic right.

To show you just how excited we are about voting in this historic election, we're staging a homepage takeover today of videos all about voting. Learn about the two candidates by watching the full PBS Frontline documentary "The Choice 2008", become an expert on the electoral college and exactly how the electoral process works, and find out what you need to do to prepare for Election Day.

And if you're still undecided, let this epic dance-off between the McCainiacs and the Obaminators help you make your choice.

Don't forget to document your voting experience on camera both before and on Election Day, and submit your videos to the Video Your Vote channel; a selection of the videos received will be featured on PBS during its election coverage. And make sure to watch this legal primer, provided by the Citizen Media Law Project

, before bringing your video camera to the polls.


Olivia M.