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Supporting French culture, online, in collaboration with Arte and CNC

  • By The YouTube Team
  • Nov.24.2020
YouTube is partnering with leading cultural institutions.
YouTube is partnering with leading cultural institutions.

The pandemic has changed our world as we know it — including the way we experience the arts. 

Now, with 40 percent of French users coming to YouTube for cultural content, YouTube France is joining forces with two leading cultural institutions — Arte and CNC (Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée) — to support the French creative ecosystem.

This “Savoirs & Cultures” partnership will focus on education and culture. The joint work of these organizations — who have already been collaborating for some years now — will unfold in three ways: 

  1. A dedicated training program

  2. A fund to support original culture and learning content

  3. Arte’s curated work on YouTube’s Learning Hub in France

About the program

The year-long training program will help increase the YouTube presence of 11 iconic French cultural institutions and 25 learning creators. It will cover the following: content strategy, live content production, revenue generation and copyright tools. 

  • Some of the organizations that will benefit from this program include: the Louvre Museum, L’Opéra de Paris, le château de Versailles and the Comédie Française. 

This partnership also involves a $1 million euro fund that will be co-financed by both CNC and YouTube to support original content creation in education and culture. Additionally, this collaboration with Arte will include highly-curated content that can be found in YouTube's French Learning Hub.

We believe YouTube has a role to play in building and preserving a sustainable creative industry in France —  and even more so in the context of a pandemic and a global economy recession. The partnership with Arte and CNC sets the groundwork for future collaborations all around the world.

More about Arte

This partnership is part of a wider collaboration between YouTube, CNC and Arte that's spanned several years to promote French culture. online. Arte launched its YouTube channel in 2005. Since then, it has become a multi-channel network of more than 37 channels with 6 million subscribers. This European public service channel promotes cultural programming — spanning across history, science and pop culture to investigative reports and documentaries. 

More about CNC

The CNC has been working 70+ years to promote film and audiovisual industries, and it’s become a point of reference for creators of all genres. Since 2016, CNC / Talent supports audiovisual creators in their professionalization through training programs and creative residencies, building bridges between professional creators and emerging talents.