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Superhero Movies Versus Super Parody Videos

By Mark Day

Comedy Programs Manager

Summer blockbuster movies mean big budgets, big expectations, big box office and, of course, some brazenly brilliant YouTube parody videos.

It's been impossible to ignore the superhero spectaculars that have filled the big screen this year. And for every new wave of heroics, we've seen YouTube videos that range from loving tribute to super-spoof. Iron Man got the summer off to a flying start, and user
ItsJustSomeRandomGuy added to his popular series of "I'm a Mac..." parodies with a hysterical head-to-head between Marvel's Iron Man and Batman for DC. User COL321 also went the action-figure route with this note perfect spoof of the Iron Man trailer.

The next hero flick to hit the multiplexes, The Incredible Hulk provided inspiration for this blockbuster hit from the Barely Political team, and an equally skin-baring tribute from theattack. Leaving no stone unturned, Mike from JeepersMedia launched an attack of his own, with this review of the worst Incredible Hulk tie-in toy ever.

The summer's more oddball heroes were not ignored - user asathecomic gave Hancock the Tay Zonday treatment (in true franchise style, that video comes with a sequel). Meanwhile Hellboy II received the reliable ItsJustSomeRandomGuy treatment in addition to this less-seen stop-motion gem.

For many, all of this was merely a prelude to the arrival of The Dark Knight, and Batman got many creative minds thinking. There's this bizarre Borat-meets-the-Joker-Bat spoof, a quirky cartoon face off between Batman and Spiderman and some spectacular fan-remakes of the movie trailer, both in Lego and in jaw-dropping fanboy-filled live action. You can check out all of these movie parodies in this video player which comes as well-loaded as Batman's utility belt.


Mark D.