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Super Delegates 101

By Steve Grove

Head of News and Politics

If you've been following the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, you've probably heard a lot of talk about super delegates. But what exactly are they? And just how might they affect who gets the Democratic nomination? Listen to Ari Berman explain on The Nation's YouTube channel:

YouTubers are weighing in on the validity of super delegates and how they should vote. In this video, ADamnProudAmerican gives a stern warning to the Democratic Party that if super delegates decide the outcome of the convention, a lot of swing voters won't be happy — himself included. In this video, JoeFelice has one simple message: "Don't sweat the super delegates." He reminds voters in upcoming primaries and caucuses that they — and not the super delegates — will ultimately decide who becomes the Democratic presidential nominee.

What do you think? Upload your thoughts to YouTube and let the world know your thoughts on the Democratic nomination.


Steve G.