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Starcraft finals live streamed on YouTube

By Cliff Samaniego

Strategic Partner Development Manager

The battles from the Koprulu Sector between Terrans, the Zerg and the Protoss are coming to the Major League Gaming channel on YouTube. Starting now we’ll be broadcasting live to the world Major League Gaming Pro Circuit video game national championships for Starcraft. Thousands of the world’s best video game players are descending on the Rhode Island Convention Center starting today through November 20 to compete for more than $600,000 in prizes.

Together, the last four events in MLG tour resulted in more than 11.1 million hours of video consumed, with the last event bringing 180,000 concurrent viewers. When it comes to watching live Starcraft action from the MLG we think the YouTube community can beat that; but, as they say, the game is in your hands.

Have fun and keep gaming.