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Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero is next in World View lineup; takes your questions

By Manuel Román

Spain Product Marketing Manager

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, currently serving his second term as the Prime Minister of Spain, has made some bold choices during his time in office, like removing Spanish troops from the war in Iraq and legalizing same-sex marriage.

Now, he’s taking your questions, about these issues and others, as the first Spanish-speaking participant in the YouTube World View interview series. On April 27, Zapatero will sit down to answer the top-voted questions submitted by citizens from around the world in an interview streaming on YouTube.

The questions are already coming in. For example, Curiso in Madrid, asks, "After the disaster of Fukushima, do you support the closure of nuclear plants in Spain? What are the energy alternatives?" while Juan is curious whether the state will “come to the rescue of thousands of families who have no means to pay their mortgages?"

What are your questions for the Spanish prime minister? Submit them in text or video to before April 22 and they could be asked.