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SouthTube: Where Everybody Was Somebody

By Big Joe Smith

The YouTube Team

Last weekend's SouthTube was more than just a user gathering; the Marietta, Georgia, event felt like a family reunion. 

YouTubers from all over the U.S. showed up to meet each other in the flesh and, of course, to make some videos. Hats off to organizers hmarty, tubegranny, and lemonette who went above and beyond to create a memorable experience for everyone: 'Tubers sang, danced, laughed, and enjoyed great food (can anyone say BBQ up at Red Top Mountain?!). There was even an awards show that gave attendees the opportunity to win prizes in such categories as the most creative channel name, least likely to be featured, and the obligatory King and Queen of SouthTube (see below for video). Two users, paul1967uk and positivesue, came from as far as the UK, and TheBennyZone went through 23 hours of bus rides, including six transfers, to get there. Plus, I got lots of great feedback from y'all, which I'll be bringing back to California this week to share with the whole YouTube team. Until then, let's reflect fondly on those sweet Georgia days:


Big Joe aka BigJoeSmith