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Small Talk contest celebrates the funny things kids say

By Lee Hadlow

Ad Programs Associate

Kids and video go together like peanut butter and jelly, and our new Small Talk contest, made possible by the New Toyota Sienna, is set to pack even more fun into sharing family moments on YouTube. Small Talk is hosted by Ryan Seacrest, who invites you to capture hilarious and heartwarming clips from your family’s most outspoken young members. If your video wins the love of the YouTube community, you could win $10,000.

The good news is, you don’t need to spend hours coaxing the next “Charlie Bit My Finger”out of your loved ones. In fact, all fingers are safe in this contest. Small Talk is all about the funny things kids say. All you need to do is enter a video of your kid answering one or more questions from the list featured on the Small Talk channel.

The top entries will be featured on the Small Talk channel, and the YouTube community will vote for the one that charms and cheers the most. If you love sharing your kid's most memorable and charming moments, now is the time to record some Small Talk and share it with the world. The results could be very rewarding. You've got till June 20 to capture the magic. Good luck!