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Sketchies 2 Wants Your Votes

By Mark Day

Comedy Programs Manager

You don't have to wait 'til November to cast your vote on YouTube. In fact, the polls close on April 15th for the most fiercely contested battle in the world of comedy video – Sketchies 2.

After the community voted for your favorite semi-finalists, a short list of ten have grappled with the concept of "living the dream," and come out laughing. Indubitably so, some might say. To see how our finalists worked the word "indubitably" into ten distinctly different sketches, you can check out this Sketchies 2 playlist.

For a video rundown on Sketchies 2, we turn this blog post over to last year's winners, Awkward Pictures, who somehow manage to keep smiling despite the fact that this year's prize is much bigger than last year's.

Sketchies isn't the only time of year you'll see great sketch comedy on YouTube, but in this second year of a growing tradition we've seen new faces and established talent take their comedy to new levels. If you want to have your say in this full-on comedic face-off, head on over to the official Sketchies 2 channel and give your favorite videos the thumbs-up (yes, you can vote for more than one entry).

Like most comedians, our finalists are clearly eager for your approval. Your votes really do make all the difference, and cut down on future therapy bills.


Mark D.