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Sketchies 2: And the Winner Is...

By Mark Day

Comedy Programs Manager

The votes have been counted, the community has spoken, and a heavily armed truck containing $40,000 in cash and prizes is on its way to WaverlyFlams.

Congratulations to the 'Flams, who took home Toyota's loot with their own unique take on "living the dream", "Sherlockbot & The Case of the Purloined Piggybank". They win $25,000 in cash, a further $15,000 in production equipment, and the opportunity to meet with UTA Online talent agents.

The videos on our Friday homepage take-over are presented in the order that you voted for them, and we rounded the 10 finalists out to a funny dozen with two of the most popular entries from the first round of voting. After April 18th you can see all 10 runners-up on this Sketchies playlist and at the Sketchies 2 channel.

One of the most exciting aspects of this year's Sketchies was the fact that a number of prominent YouTubers, including TheHill88, tokenblackchic and recent YouTube Awards winner NeilCicierega made videos in support of their favorite contestants. In the kind of politicking more typically seen at YouTube's You Choose '08, WaverlyFlams and second-placed entrants POYKPAC engaged in some hilarious mud-slinging attack ads. You can check out the best of the campaign videos and supporter videos in the player below:

Thanks to all the entrants who packed the start of the year with sketch comedy creativity. It's been, indubitably, a blast. Now we look forward to all the comedy that's yet to come in '08.


Mark D.