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By Mia

The YouTube Team

It's Bad Hair Day City around these parts (for those with hair), as many YouTubers were up very late making some improvements to the site. Hopefully you've noticed that it's moving a lot faster these days.

Here are some more highlights from the long night:

**VIDEO ADDED 2/25**

FRIENDS-ONLY MESSAGING: Let's say you just want to hear from people you know and love. There's a new setting in your in-box that will allow you only to receive messages from your contacts. Plus note that messages are all on one page now, so no more endless paging.

FREE MUSIC FOR YOUR VIDEOS: Need a soundtrack to go with your sick slam dunk or bedroom disco dance? Go to Test Tube and start tinkering with Audio Swap, a new feature that enables you to replace the song on your video with music from a library of free tracks donated by our music partners.

GUEST EDITOR PROGRAM LAUNCHES: JackDanyells was the brave soul who attempted this first, and we couldn't be happier with the videos he selected and the brilliant video he made about the process. Hundreds of folks have written in wanting to participate, so bear with us as we review submissions and pick the next lucky tastemakers.

CHANNEL PAGE ENHANCEMENTS: Some of you were not too keen when the Comments area shifted to the right side of your Channel page, so now you have a choice and can move it back to the left if you like. You'll also notice that your most recently uploaded video plays at the top of your page (if you'd like a different video to play, set a custom URL here), and friends can now be removed from your Channel.

FIND A GURU TO FOLLOW: Last time we met, we told you about a new type of account (Guru) for those with special gifts to share with the world. So far over 15,000 folks have signed up for Guru status and now there's a browse page just for their kind.

A BETTER HOME FOR BLOGGERS: We found that bloggers didn't know whether to place themselves in the People category or in the News & Blogs group, splitting up this critical community. We solved that problem by renaming the People category People & Blogs, and News & Blogs became News & Politics. Also: Video Games morphed into Gadgets & Games, and Science & Technology became Howto & DIY.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for reading.

Adios amigos,
The YouTube Team