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Site Update

By The YouTube Team

Here’s a glimpse at some of the new features we rolled out several days ago. Enjoy!

We first introduced this three weeks ago and since then you’ve told us that you like being able to see who’s watching your videos as well as what others are watching. We made a few improvements to this feature: we're now showing up to 25 users in the 'who's watching now' area on each playback page; once Active Sharing is enabled, it will stay turned on until you log out, close your browser, or turn off the feature; and when you click on the username of someone in the 'who's watching now' area you will be taken directly to the part of their channel that shows their most recently watched videos.

Don’t log into YouTube every day? (Gasp!) Now you can get a weekly email digest of all the new videos from your subscriptions (or pick and choose which subscriptions to be notified about). Go here to select this.

Three weeks ago we added a way to browse our partners’ channels; now our advertisers/sponsors have their own browse pages too – in “Most Viewed” and “Alphabetical” flavors. Check it out!

Now you can put a video in full-screen mode and the video keeps playing. Push “esc” to switch page back to regular size seamlessly!

All our best,
YouTube Team