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Screening Room now showing short films from the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival

By Kinzie Kramer

Associate Product Marketing Manager, Entertainment

Are you a film festival fanatic? Do you love keeping up with the latest indie hits? Are you at least somewhat interested in hearing David Duchovny voice a polar bear that’s BFF with Leonardo DiCaprio? Of course you are!

Since not everyone can make it to New York City for the 10th annual Tribeca Film Festival, YouTube, Tribeca and American Express have teamed up to bring the festival to you.

From today through May 17, check out the YouTube Screening Room for short films from both past and present Tribeca Film Festivals. Here’s a snapshot of the first set of films you’ll see:

The Beaufort Diaries

Beaufort is just a small town bear, living in a lonely world... What happens when an arctic refugee finds himself adrift in LA-LA Land? Behold Beaufort's rocket rise to stardom, his inevitable crash and burn, his enduring, inspiring friendship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and his painful journey to redemption and bear-awareness.


Jeremy has been in love with his best friend, Evelyn, since before he can remember. He decides to profess his love for her through a simple, thoughtful letter… but there's a strong chance they will never see each other again.

Ignorant Bliss of the Sun and Moon

The Ignorant Bliss of Sun and Moon follows a down and out Everyman as he cycles between bouts of self-destruction and momentary bliss. When luck finally comes his way, his life is at least momentarily transformed and he's finally able to realize something useful on earth.

Loose Change

Just because you don't remember, doesn't mean you forget. A Brooklyn tenant is in for a big surprise when his senile landlord finally remembers him.

Mr. Stache

Mr. Stache always believed he had an inner mustache. Now he’s wearing it on the outside. Where it makes way more sense....Mr. Stache is the 2010 winner of "My Movie Pitch," a contest launched by American Express on YouTube to help bring unique independent movie ideas to life.

Check out the YouTube Screening Room again on April 29 to catch the next installment of Tribeca award-winning short films.