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Schedule (or join) a YouTube Meetup!

By Mia Quagliarello

Community Manager

From events like VidCon and 789 to the sheer number of get-togethers reported by folks like YTGathering, we know how much YouTube users love to meet up in the real world. We’ve even crashed some of these shindigs and always come back to the office totally rejuvenated by your energy.

All of this got us thinking: how can we help spur on more of these gatherings? Turns out our friends at Meetup have just the thing for that: our new Meetup Everywhere page offers a global view of where YouTube users are meeting and an easy way for anyone to suggest a new locale. So if you don’t see your town listed, you can schedule a gathering near you, and you don’t even need to take on the responsibility of organizing it. Some other social maven may step into that role by clicking “learn more” under “This event needs an organizer,” or you can be the one to determine the where, when and why of your local YouTube meetup. Try it, and let's see this map populate with hundreds of happy hoedowns...

Wherever you end up congregating, do shoot lots of video (as if we need to say that!) and send the links to our YouTubeGatherings channel, where we like to create playlists from each event.

So, see you...soon?