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Remembering September 11, 10 years later

By Olivia Ma

YouTube News & Politics

Today marks 10 years since the September 11 attacks. While YouTube did not exist in 2001, people from around the world have used the site over the last few years not only to share their stories and commemorate those lost that day, but also to reflect on the last ten years and look forward to the future.

As we shared last week, in collaboration with the New York Times, we created a dedicated YouTube channel -- -- where we’re highlighting powerful stories from the community, archival news footage from 2001, and special New York Times content.

You can watch a New York Times portrait of J.A. Reynolds, who lost his son, Bruce, on 9/11.

Or listen to the story of two brothers -- Joe and John, a firefighter and a policeman -- who died at Ground Zero.

You can visit to watch more reflections and upload your own. You’ll also see more of these stories on the YouTube homepage today.