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Over 500 Ways to Reform Health Care

By Ramya Raghavan

YouTube News and Politics

Last week, YouTube Senator of the Week Chris Dodd (D-CT) asked you for your input on the health care legislation that Congress is currently drafting. You responded enthusiastically on the Senate Hub, contributing over 500 unique ideas on health care reform and casting over 26,000 votes on these ideas, making this the most successful round of Senator of the Week to date. Today, Senator Dodd responds to your top-rated suggestions:

While Senator Dodd wasn't able to respond to all of your suggestions, there were many compelling and thoughtful responses to the health care reform question submitted through Google Moderator. Many of you endorsed a single payer system, with one Massachusetts resident offering this rationale: "SINGLE PAYER. Everybody in and nobody out. It's a great idea from the left, which is public financing, combined with a great idea from the right, which is private delivery."

Others disagreed, like Porter from Florida, who wrote, "We are pleased with our health care sharing program and a mandated health insurance will be an infringement on our religious and economic liberties. Share programs are an effective and efficient part of our nation's current health care system."

While Senator Dodd is no longer accepting suggestions through the Senate Hub, we encourage you to continue this spirited debate by submitting a comment or video response to Senator Dodd's video.


Ramya Raghavan