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Our highlights from Vidcon

By The YouTube Team

Wow. Let’s hope vlogbrothers Hank and John Green are somewhere tropical right now, resting up after the coup they just pulled off in Vidcon 2010. The sold-out online video conference took over L.A.’s Hyatt Regency Century Plaza from July 9 -11 in a flurry of cameras, Bieber-inspired hairstyles and coveted subscribe pillows. Feedback on Twitter was unanimously positive: Vidcon rulez!

We were lucky enough to be among the 1,300+ fanboys and girls who gathered to fete all things video and hear from some of the biggest names in the online video industry. It was invaluable to meet with so many of you in “real life” and, yeah, some of us may even admit to a quickened heartbeat when in the vicinity of our favorite creators.

Here are our highlights from the event, in no particular order:

  • The energy and passion of everyone there. Wow! Just WOW. We should bottle that, keep it around the office, ration it and release it occasionally when we need a boost. RedBull and 5-hour-energy would not be needed in the micro-kitchens anymore... - Andy Stack, Product Manager
  • The two-way interactions between YouTube staff and community -- the chance to go beyond the username and talk with people about what they need from YouTube's product to help them accomplish their goals - Hunter Walk, Director, Product Management
  • iJustine giving out T-shirts to faithful fans in the lobby, using a bar stool as her table, showed her dedication to the YouTube community - Anna Richardson, PR Manager
  • The Uncultured Project and the standing ovation it received after showing this video. It's one more reminder of how YouTube and its community are changing the world in both big and small ways. - Jim Woods, Director, Content Partnerships
  • HiimRawn's performance on Saturday morning, featuring Rawn in a bikini, playing the accordion, dancers in gold lame body suits, John Green in a turkey costume and a small marching band. - Mark Day, Comedy Manager
  • Meeting John Green while wearing a shirt with his face on it. John Green: "Nice shirt." My response: "Nice face!" - Rick Silvestrini, Product Marketing Manager
  • I fell in love with the incredible passion from the audience and their desire to change the world -- invigorating and reminds me why we do what we do. Hank and John are especially awesome and genuine; they're leading a movement. - Brian Glick, Product Manager
  • Being in the elevator with a sobbing girl after the iJustine meetup. - Lauren Siegal, Ad Programs Associate
  • Sitting on a panel with DeStorm, who moved from the established music industry to make his musical career on YouTube without major label backing. It was great that he, like so many YouTube musicians I met, see a successful YouTube presence not as stepping stone to a label deal, but as the career in and of itself. - Chris LaRosa, Product Manger
  • Seeing kids networking, getting involved in the culture, and wanting to apply for partnership. I'm amazed at the initiative they're taking when they're already so young. - Jeffrey Lee-Chan, Software Engineer
  • Hearing an aspiring partner say that getting autoplay on his channel changed his life. - Josh Siegel, Product Manager
  • ShayCarl, charlieissocoollike, sxephil, whatthebuckshow and many other partners highlighting how this is the best job they ever had. - Shenaz Zack, Product Manager
  • Although it was a bit uncomfortable to hear a 13-year-old girl ask Shane Dawson to be the father of her children, it was truly inspiring to witness the enthusiasm, dedication, and excitement of fans and YouTube stars. Props to the Green brothers for their hard work and giving away conference proceeds to charity! - Falon Fatemi, Strategist, Business Development
  • Seeing parents trying to understand YouTube and supporting their kids who were so passionate about it...and getting a glimpse of Rocktard. - Mia Quagliarello, Product Marketing Manager
  • Ze Frank’s presentation - too many to name!

And what about you? What were your highlights? Share your thoughts and videos in the comments below! (Please note: comments are moderated due to spam and will be updated about once a day.)

So once again, thank you, Hank, John, everyone at Vidcon and in fact the whole YouTube community. We were honored to be part of your event.