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Only 3 days left: Submit your trailers for free promotion

By Ryan Morales

Creator Marketing

Every month, more than 800 million people come to YouTube to be entertained, educated, and amazed. We’re always testing new ways to surface content to this enormous audience. And now here’s another opportunity for you to show them what they’ve been missing.

We’re testing a promotional program where you will tell your channel’s story in 30 seconds or less. Qualifying submissions will be exposed, for free, across YouTube and the Google Display Network. 

Submission deadline is July 19, 2012
, at midnight ET. Click here for rules and to submit your trailer. 

We’re always testing new programs to help you build your audience, so follow us on Google+ for information on future opportunities. 

You want in? You have only three more days to share with us a trailer that showcases your best content and makes viewers feel like they can’t live without you. For inspiration, check out this trailer from Pdrop