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Ones to Watch (CES Edition): Gadget Reviewers

By Mia Quagliarello

Community Manager

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in full swing right now in Las Vegas, and that means that gear enthusiasts are getting their fill of the hottest devices coming to the market. In anticipation of all this electronics buzz, the folks at phonedog created a tutorial video last month sharing everything you need to know about being a successful gadget reviewer on YouTube. They then asked all you budding tech reviewers out there to try your hand at making gadget review videos, with the promise that a few of you would be featured on our homepage.

Well, we've arrived at that moment: phonedog's selected the three new reviewers -- samkeem, modview and kbradnam -- who grace our homepage today, talking about products dear to them. (OK, kbradnam's is a spoof, but he definitely captures the passion and attention to detail required to be a tech reviewer.) Honorable mentions go to AlexMarckReviews, vizbug, gadgetexperts, tehkseventechHazardVideos, akatsukigaraa, elSerg3000 and BeforeandAfterTV for submitting insightful, thorough videos reviewing phones, cameras and even an app. Of the entries, Noah from phonedog says: "I was impressed with so many of them, and it was hard to choose. The winners combined product know-how with eye-appealing visuals and even humor, making for videos that kept me watching. Thanks so much for participating and keep it up! You provide an important service by telling people about products they may want to buy."