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Now in 3D: Join the Experiment With Us!

By Peter Bradshaw

Software Engineer

First there was 1953's 3D thriller "House of Wax," thenthere was the Michael Jackson adventure "Captain EO," and this summerthere are at least three major motion pictures in 3D. The format isexploding in popularity, and already there are countless 3D videos on YouTube. Wewanted to make it easier for you to watch and enjoy them in a varietyof formats, since having a 3D experience usually requires specialglasses or viewing techniques. Here's a brief overview video.

This is a new feature and many of the kinks arestill being worked out (for instance, 3D videos cannot be embedded).But as with most things on YouTube, we need your help. We are lookingfor you to show us the real potential of this feature by making afascinating, funky 3D video of your own. Tag it with yt3d:enable=true,and leave the link in a comment on this blog. We'll feature a smallselection on the homepage in an upcoming 3D-themed spotlight.
Some basics around shooting 3D videos (this isn't easy, so patience is key):

  • Use two cameras arranged like a pair of eyes.
  • Start both cameras recording simultaneously.
  • Inyour video editing program, place the footage for the left and righteyes together in the frame side by side, with the right eye on the leftand the left eye on the right.
  • Upload your video! Edit your videos tags and add yt3d:enable=true. If video is widescreen, add yt3d:aspect=16:9 too.

For user discussions around 3D video, visit the YouTube forum.

Have fun!