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Now announcing Medals, a new way to celebrate great videos

By Kurt Wilms

Group Product Manager

We started Honors back in the early days of YouTube, as a way to help you find which videos are loved by the community. As we continue to grow at a rapid rate, we want to make sure our features can be flexible enough to handle all of your great content.

So today we’re kicking off Medals, a new system to recognize the great videos and creators out there. We’re starting with Medals that recognize popular videos with the most engagement. These are the first wave of Medals we’re planning to announce, with each including a gold, silver and bronze version to show popularity order and here’s a breakdown:

All Time Most Popular Medal, for videos with the most all-time engagement

Recently Most Popular Medal, for videos with the most engagement this week

Trending Medal, for videos that have a big jump in engagement this week compared to last

To help you find the videos earning Medals, we’ve also updated a topics page that shows you all the videos earning the Medal.

YouTube Medals shown in video search results

We were so excited to get this program going, that a couple weeks ago you might’ve heard something about Goodies—that was an early name for the program that’s changed to Medals, and we’ve spent even more time since then to make it better.

We’re eager to get everyone involved with this new system, so you’ll see video Honors phased out over the next few weeks. As we’re getting started, we hope you’ll share your thoughts on the Partner Forum where we’ll have an active thread about Medals.