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A Note About Our Localized Sites

By The YouTube Team

Hi there!

We wanted to clear up a misconception about the nine localized sites we launched on June 19: the content has not been "broken down" by region. All of your videos are available to everyone, no matter which site you set as your default. So even if you choose a particular country as your preference, the content available to you is still the same. If you prefer a more global destination, the original .com site will continue to be just that. (We're changing the icon to make it a lot clearer.) We'll also continue to program the .com home page to include the best of your videos from around the world, so just because you're featured on the UK site, for example, doesn't mean you can't also appear on the .com home page. Write to to tell us about a video you think deserves to be seen on any – or all – of our sites.

Happy 'Tubing!

The YouTube Team