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A Note About Content Availability

By Nate Weinstein

YouTube Film

Today, we wrap up our week-long feature of the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters. Over half a million of you tuned in, but many more of you outside the U.S. wanted to. Some of you have also wondered why the movie would come off the site. We work with our partners to make content as widely available as possible and for as long as possible. However, videos distributed on YouTube belongs to those who create and/or own them, not to us. Thus, it is the content creator who decides where and for how long his/her videos appear on the site. The situation gets especially complex with movies because ownership is often divided across different regions of the world.

We apologize to those who were not able to enjoy Ghostbusters this time around (those of you in the U.S. still have three hours to watch it!), but we hope to bring you more opportunities like this in the future.