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Nexus One Offers Seamless YouTube Experience

By Andrey Doronichev

Head of YouTube Mobile

The YouTube mobile experience on Nexus One, the newest Android-powered phone, is smoother and faster than ever before. You can shoot a DVD-quality video and upload it to YouTube with just a few taps, as well as search millions of YouTube videos and watch them in seconds.

For example, the day I received my very first CD-ROM game, “Star Wars: Rebel Assault,” is one of my more vivid childhood memories. Today my nostalgia was satisfied in exactly 17 seconds: with just three clicks I was able to watch "Rebel Assault gameplay video" on the 3.7 inch AMOLED display of my new Nexus One -- that's less time than it used to take to load the game on my PC. I simply tapped 'Search' on the new YouTube home screen widget, hit the microphone icon and said "star wars rebel assault" -- the first video found was the very same video I had seen at a computer expo back in 1993.

To learn more about Nexus One, visit or head to the Nexus One YouTube channel. You can watch a preview of YouTube on Nexus One here: