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Next Stop: YouTube Space Rio de Janeiro

By Alvaro Paes de Barros

Director of Content Partnerships For YouTube

Cariocas are a creative bunch. They make you laugh and dance. They have the power to make your mouth water and your mind travel to unimaginable places. To support this incredible community of YouTube creators and foster the next generation of talent, we are going to set up a new YouTube Space in the breathtaking metropolis of Rio de Janeiro.
Located in Porto Maravilha, the city's soon-to-be-renovated historic port area, the YouTube Space Rio will consist of a roughly 2,000 sq-meter collaborative facility for YouTube creators. They will have free access to a cutting edge production facility fully equipped with cameras, lights and audio gear, live and post production capabilities, in addition to training programs, workshops and community events. The space will act as an incubator, giving online content creators the tools and guidance that enable them to innovate and experiment.

This is YouTube Space’s next stop, following in the footsteps of Los AngelesLondonTokyoNew York CitySão Paulo, and more recently in Berlin and Mumbai. Since the first Space was inaugurated in 2012, creators have visited these facilities over 100,000 times, and our partners have created over 10,000 videos, generating over 1 billion views. 

Like all of our Space facilities, the YouTube Space Rio will be a place where creators can collaborate, innovate and experiment with new content for audiences around the world to watch and love. It’ll also offer opportunities to:

  • Learn: From training programs to workshops, there are opportunities to get hands-on experience from industry leaders, and learn to use high end production equipment, production techniques, and YouTube best practices.

  • Connect: Attend events, meet fellow creators, spark new ideas and share experiences on how to succeed on YouTube. Collaborate with Felipe Neto, Iberê Thenório and other great storytellers.

  • Create: This is a space for creators to bring stories to life. They’ll have access, for free, to studios and all the latest audio, visual and editing equipment that will enable them to create great videos that fans will love. Experiment with 4K videos, 360-degree technology, and live transmissions.

The warehouse where the Space will be located will be entirely renovated to revitalize its history and make it an amazing home for the entire community. But we are so excited that we wanted to give you a sneak peek. This is just the beginning, and we want to continue helping foster creativity, entrepreneurship and partnership with video creators in Brazil and around the world. It’s amazing to see what Brazilian creators have already been producing and we are excited to see what can come next, once the resource barriers that inhibit innovation and creativity are removed.