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YouTube's YouChat feature on mobile app

Tap into the latest features from YouTube Premium

Back in April, we asked a simple question: “Are you making the most of your YouTube Premium subscription?” Here’s a quick recap in case you missed it: you can now queue content on phones and tablets, watch YouTube with friends on Meet Live Sharing and use an enhanced version of 1080p. This comes alongside our core offerings of ads-free, offline, background play and an uninterrupted music listening experience through the YouTube Music app (which has added several new exciting features recently — check them out!)

With 80 million Premium members and trialers globally, today, we’re excited to build on that momentum and share what we’ve been working on:

YouTube mobile app showing a YouChat feature where users can speak with an AI to ask questions about a video

Early access to experimental features

Premium members get a first look into some of the exciting features coming to YouTube through We’re especially excited to share that we’re currently providing early access to two new AI experiments, including our first-ever conversational AI tool. Here’s what’s available:

  • Conversational AI: Starting today, Premium members can be one of the first to try out our new experimental conversational AI tool that we hope will make your viewing experience that much better. Think of this as your tool that can answer questions, suggest related content, and more, all without interrupting your playback experience. This feature is currently only available in English to a limited number of YouTube Premium members in the United States on Android devices. If you sign up quickly for one of the limited spots, you can access the tool by tapping “Ask” beneath select videos and begin by asking questions about the video or selecting a suggested prompt.

  • Comment topics summarized by AI: We’re also experimenting with AI that organizes large comment sections of long-form videos into digestible themes, helping you more easily understand and participate in comment conversations. Creators can use these comment summaries to more quickly jump into comment discussions on their videos, or to draw inspiration for new content based on what their audiences are discussing.
YouTube Promotional Offers page

Unlock promotional offers and promotional deals from our partners

We all love a good deal — and now, YouTube Premium paid members in the US can head over to their Premium benefits page to see all details of their account as well as new promotions. Currently, members have access to the following offers:

  • In-game loot bundle for Genshin Impact
  • 3 month trial of Discord Nitro
  • 3 month trial of a Walmart+ membership
  • 4 month trial of Calm Premium
  • 3 month trial of PC Game Pass

Terms may apply. Please check individual offer terms for more details.

YouTube mobile app settings for video quality

Enhance your video quality on even more surfaces

We previously announced our enhanced bitrate version of 1080p HD video quality for iOS users to much excitement. We heard our users loud and clear and have officially brought this offering to Android, Web and smart TVs for even crisper, clearer details.This feature is enabled automatically based on your connection and viewing settings, or you can enable it in the quality menu. Learn more about our enhanced bitrate version of 1080p HD here.

YouTube mobile app offering to continue watching a video from a different device

Jump back into YouTube across all your favorite devices

Remember when we told you that Premium members can pick up their YouTube session right where they left off, no matter which device? After delivering this feature to phones and Web, we've now expanded that magic to smart TVs and tablets. Start your favorite podcast on the subway during your morning commute, switch to the web on your laptop as you take a break at work, and end your day by watching on your smart TV at home. Don’t miss a moment of your favorite content, regardless of the devices you move between.

YouTube app screen showing a badge earned for listening to a lot of music

Learn more about your YouTube Premium experience with Premium Badges

To help you keep track of all the awesomeness YouTube Premium has to offer, we've rolled out badges that showcase your achievements on the platform for members 18 years and older. Located on the Your Premium benefits page, it's like a trophy cabinet just for you, highlighting your Premium milestones and how you've embraced all those exclusive features.

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With YouTube Premium, we're on a mission to keep the fun going with new features and exclusive benefits that help you dive deeper into the content you love across all of YouTube. Stay tuned, because there's more exciting stuff coming your way!

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