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New Video Category and Tag Choices

By The YouTube Team

Just a quick post to update you on some new choices available for "Video Category" and "Tags" on the video uploading and editing pages in your account.


You can choose from a set of new "suggested tags" when you upload or edit a video, in case you need some ideas for how to best represent your content. The more descriptive your tags, the easier it will be for folks interested in your videos to find them.

Just choose the best Category for your video, then click on any of the suggested tags to automatically add them to the "Tags" field.


A few changes made to existing video categories:

- Travel & Events (previously "Travel & Places")
- Howto & Style (was "Howto + DIY")
- Gadgets and Games (now part of "Entertainment")


The following new categories are now available when you upload or edit your videos:

- Education
- Nonprofits & Activism
- Science & Technology

Since these categories are brand new, we need your help to populate them by uploading new videos or editing any of your current videos which are relevant to these topics. Once these categories fill up with all of your awesome content they'll be searchable on the Videos tab (a few of the above changes are already reflected on the Videos page).

More categories changes are on the way, so stay tuned!

The YouTube Team