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New Upload Page & Metadata Editor for Partners

By Johannes Leitner and Ben Bernard

Software Engineers

We want to make uploading and publishing as fast and easy as possible for you.  So, we’ve got a round of updates that will be made available over the next few days that make key parts of the process more efficient: configuring monetization and choosing custom thumbnails on the upload page, and improved metadata editing.
Configure monetization settings:  The new upload interface features a Monetization (or Claiming Options) tab where you can select monetization settings while you upload.  Click the “?” icons to learn more about the different options available.  Basically, more monetizing, less scrolling and clicking.

Custom thumbnail uploads:  Lots of you have been asking  for custom thumbnail uploads directly on the upload page.  If you have this feature, you can now upload a custom thumbnail after the video reaches the processing stage.  This means less waiting, clicking, and general hassle to get your custom thumbnail image ready to go before your video is published.  

Metadata, meta-easy:  The metadata editor you have in the upload process is also available in the Video Manager. To access and edit these settings after your upload is complete, go to the Video Manager and click the Edit icon next to the video.

This will direct you to the new metadata editor page.  Here you can adjust settings you made to your video during the upload process, such as change monetization settings or publish a private video by changing it to public.  

If you have any ideas about how we could improve the experience, drop us a line through the feedback link at the bottom of the page, and we’ll continue to roll out new features for this interface in the coming weeks. 
Give it a try right now, or read our help guide  and watch this overview video to learn more.