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(New!) Improved resumable and recoverable uploads

By Allison Bransfield

Product Specialist

Some new uploading options are available on YouTube that allow users of Chrome, Firefox 4 or higher, and Internet Explorer users with Silverlight to resume or recover aborted uploads.  We welcome you to give it a try! (And if you have feedback, please leave it for us in the YouTube Partner Forum, here.)

 1.Chrome and Firefox 4+ users can go directly to
--Begin uploading your video
--Interrupt your upload by closing the browser, killing your internet connection by pulling the plug, disconnecting, etc.
--Resume uploading the same video, and watch your progress jump back to where it was.

 2.Internet Explorer users can download silverlight ( and try the following:
--Go to
--Feel free to disconnect/reconnect your network or kill the connection during the upload. Note that there is no long-term resumability, so don't cancel the upload or close your browser.
--After interrupting the upload, grab them same file and try it again.  You can interrupt it and retry as many times as you like.

 Thanks for uploading!