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New feature: Easily create video intros and outros

By Eric Lundberg

Software Engineer

We’ve noticed more and more playlists with interstitials in between videos -- short intro or outro videos that recap the previous video and introduce the next one. You’ve been using interstitials to weave individual videos together into a bigger story, and frankly, we’re impressed. For example, Eat Your Kimchi uses interstitials to turn a music playlist into a K-POP news show.

So, to make it easier for you to tell great stories through playlists, we’re making it easy to add interstitials right in the playlist editor.

A window will pop up prompting you to record a video with your webcam:
If you prefer, you can create a text-only video instead:
You can choose from a variety of styles for text introductions and even add royalty-free music tracks. Interstitials will appear as unlisted videos in your account, and are eligible for monetization if they are at least 15 seconds long.
We hope this makes it easier to program great playlists by curating your own and others’ videos!

To do so, create a playlist or go to edit an existing playlist, then click + Introduction: