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Mission complete: Red Bull Stratos lands safely back on Earth

By Tim Katz

Director, Head of Sports + News Partnerships

Today the Red Bull Stratos Mission took Felix Baumgartner to the edge of space and back, and the world tuned in to Red Bull’s YouTube Channel to see it all. At peak, you were watching more than 8 million concurrent livestreams of this mission, which intended to break 50-year old records of human limits and break new ground in medical and scientific research.

Following five years of preparations and a two-hour livestream on YouTube, Felix and this mission now hold the world records for:

  • Highest jump from a platform: 128,100 feet
  • Longest distance freefall: 119,846 feet
  • Maximum vertical velocity: 833.9 mph (Mach 1.24)

We congratulate Felix Baumgartner and the entire Red Bull Stratos team for their successful mission, and for creating a livestream with the most concurrent views ever on YouTube. To keep following this Mission and other videos from Red Bull, subscribe to their YouTube channel here.

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