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The Mexican Revolution on YouTube

By Sara Pollack

Entertainment Marketing Lead

November 20 will mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the Mexican Revolution and we’re looking forward to observing that anniversary on YouTube by celebrating a new revolution that’s taking place in Mexico today: a cultural revolution that has pushed Mexican filmmakers onto a global stage.

A number of the nation’s most talented filmmakers, including Gael Garcia Bernal (who starred in Amores Perros, The Motorcycle Diaries and Pedro Almodovar’s Bad Education), Diego Luna (who came to fame with Y tu mama tambien), Carlos Reygadas (who won the jury prize at Cannes for his film Silent Light in 2007), Rodrigo Garcia (who directed the award winning Nine Lives and was nominated for an Emmy for directing an episode of HBO’s Big Love) and Patricia Riggen (who directed 2008 Sundance hit La misma luna), to name just a few, have banded together to create a feature film, Revolución, made up of 10 individual short films that explore the topic of Mexico’s revolution 100 years after it took place. The film has played at numerous film festivals throughout the last year, including the Cannes Film Festival, and will be available on YouTube for 24 hours on November 20 (thanks to YouTube partner Mubi) and for Mexico from November 20th at 23 hrs to November 21st until 23 hrs.

In advance of the film’s premiere, you’re invited to submit questions about the movie, the filmmakers or about the Mexican Revolution at The filmmakers will answer the most popular questions in videos that will be posted to the Mubi channel on November 20, the day of the film’s premiere.
Get your questions ready after watching this video from the filmmakers of Revolución: