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Message your subscribers with bulletins

By Josh Ross

Product Manager

Bulletins are a great way to communicate with your subscribers on YouTube. Just go to your channel, type an update, paste a video link, and click "Post Bulletin." Your bulletin will show up on your subscribers' homepage, in their Recent Activity feed.

Think of the possibilities: Want to tell your subscribers about a new musician you just discovered on YouTube? Send a bulletin that describes her music and attach her latest video. Or maybe you just watched a vlog you really liked and want to send it out to your subscribers with a note. You can even send a video link to your other YouTube channel to let your subscribers know about it. Bulletins allow you to put context around any video or simply send your subscribers a written note.

You can send bulletins from the new “Post Bulletins” form on your channel. As you type the update to your subscribers, you’ll see a preview of the bulletin appear to the right of the text field:

After you click "Post Bulletin," subscribers will see your messages in their Recent Activity feed: 

If you send a link to one of your own videos, you can see the impact your bulletins have in Insight, our analytics tool. Go to the video, then to “Discovery=>YouTube subscription modules=>Subscriber bulletins” to see how many people clicked the video links in bulletins you sent.