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Making Suggested Videos More About You

By Bing Chen

YouTube Creator and Partner Initiatives

We’re constantly trying to help our creators and partners distribute their content to the audiences that want to see it.  Doing so helps creators and partners build a more engaged audience, while providing viewers with a more enjoyable and personal experience.  

To help that end, we recently made improvements to make video suggestions (that appear to the right of the viewing console and within the viewing console after the video is completed) more personal, based on the viewer’s viewing habits.  This is great for partners as we believe that this will help target your content to the audiences that you’re trying to reach without having to reach through miscellaneous content.  

To find out what sorts of suggested/related videos are driving to your video so that you may improve your tags and content, visit YouTube Insights, then click on Discovery.  You will see a section called “YouTube Related Video.”  Clicking this link will show you the traffic driven to your video from Related Videos.