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Making messages and comments easier to use

By Jeffrey Lee-Chan

Software Engineer

Whether you’re Epic Rap Battles of History and swimming in feedback from fans, or you’re just starting up your channel, you can now connect with your fans faster and more easily through new messaging and commenting features rolling out this week. It’s part of our goal to give you everything you need to connect with fans around the world, and here’s an overview of what you’ll find:

Improved messaging

  • Get context faster: Threaded conversations to make it easier to follow ongoing conversations you’re having.
  • Help fans quickly contact you: It’s easier to send a message to any creator on YouTube. Just go to the channel’s “about” tab, click the “Send message” button and compose your message.
  • More awesome, less junk: Your new messages section includes spam detection to filter out unwanted messages. Laterz trolls. 

These new messaging features will replace the old inbox, which will go into read-only mode starting next week. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to read and download all of your inbox messages, along with your contacts, for the next few months, but you won’t be able to send or receive anything new.

Improved commenting

  • Fine-tune filtering: You can choose to view just comments from your subscribers, check for popular comments across your channel, or review comments for a specific video. 
  • Easier comment review: Want to review comments that need approval? Find and check them all from one place on the comments page. 
  • Search and ye shall find: Looking for comments on a specific topic? There’s now a search box to help you find comments that include the keywords or hashtags you’re looking for.

We’re aiming to create tools that help you connect with your fans faster and easier, then get back to making awesome videos. Let us know how they’re working for you by using the “Send feedback” link in your dashboard, or hit us up on Google+ or Twitter.