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Lots 'O New Stuff

By Maryrose

The YouTube Team

You'll notice lots of new and redesigned things on the site, much of which is from direct feedback we received from you (special thanks to everyone who participated in our usability studies). Below are just some of the changes we pushed out.

  • Redesigned video watch page and video player. You'll still see the old watch page by default because we wanted to have you take the new page for a test drive and give us feedback. If you click the 'watch this video on our new video watch page' link in the upper right hand corner you'll see the new (and hopefully improved) watch page. Let us know what you think!

  • Your playlists, your videos and your favorites are now one click away. Simply click on My Videos to get access to all your stuff. We also redesigned the playlist manager (yes, for the 3rd time), so it's easier than ever to organize all your favorite videos.

  • Steve finds great videos, but I really have no interest in seeing 8 million videos of his cat Stinky (sorry Stinky). Now I can subscribe to his favorites and get all the great videos he finds delivered straight to my inbox. If you want to subscribe to Steve's (or anyone else's) favorites, just visit his profile and click the 'subscribe to favorites link'. Oh, and if you do want to see 8 million videos of Stinky, you can subscribe to his uploads too.

  • Speaking of subscriptions, if you check out our Members tab, you can now see our most subscribed Members. This is a great way to find some of the best content creators and collectors on YouTube.

  • We get lots of questions. Questions on copyright, questions on how to make and optimize videos, questions on why unicorns are called unicorns. Check out our Help Center for a bunch of new 'How-To Guides'. Oh, and the word unicorn comes from the Latin 'Uni', meaning one, and 'Cornu, meaning horn.

That's all for now! Remember to send us your thoughts, concerns, feedback and questions. Oh, and make sure to check back here in a few days, because we've got another really cool feature we'll be pushing out very soon.

The YouTube Team