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Living Life in a Day and a summer in Australia at the Sydney Film Festival

By Ernesto Soriano III

YouTube Australia

Update 7/6: We've changed the video in the post as "We Were Here" goes into festival consideration.

This past weekend at the Sydney Film Festival, we in the Australia office saw a single day on earth, a legendary summer to be remembered and the vision of thousands of YouTubers from all over the world on center stage. Along with the Australian premiere of “Life in a Day,” the world was introduced to “We Were Here,” a feature film made by YouTubers about summer in Australia.

From January to April 2011, YouTubers down under submitted their videos to create an archive of events and experiences from a summer not-to-be-forgotten. Everything from sunsets at the beach, bats in the night, to extraordinary events in Queensland were uploaded to form a new visualization of the Australian summer map. These stories were pulled together by up and coming Australian director Amy Gebhardt, mentored by Dr. George Miller of “Happy Feet,” "Mad Max” and “Babe.”

Have a look at highlights from the weekend, with "We Were Here" and "Life in a Day" on the big screen at the Sydney Film Festival:

Together, these two films are milestones in the evolution of radically inclusive film-making that is taking shape all over the world.