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The Lines Are Open

By Maryrose

The YouTube Team

Since the very beginning user feedback has been critical to us. Without direct feedback from you, we have no idea what features you like, what you don't or when we've just plain pissed you off (because that never happens right?).

We get feedback in a number of ways, through the contacts you send to our customer service team, through usability studies, and through the direct emails you send to me and Mia. Sometimes users make contact with other members of the YouTube team through other various venues - like video responses, groups, - or just by guessing our email addresses.

As both our site, and our company continues to grow and expand it's become more important than ever to us that we stay connected to our roots - the YouTube community. We've recently started to become much more proactive with reaching out to our members by email, by phone, and even by video (yes video!) to get feedback and have an open, two way dialogue. We're focused on constantly working to improve our site and product, and we need your help and feedback to be able to achieve that.

You can expect to hear more about our community outreach efforts in the coming weeks, but in the mean time don't be surprised if we come a knockin at your door! ;-)