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Let's Share Success Stories

By Mia

The YouTube Team

I'd like to keep on destroying the myth that featured videos are paid advertisements by continuing to share success stories with you, to show you that we really are watching and listening to what you're doing and that our feature slots are for the best of your work. So once a month, I'll blog about the videos that were featured on the home page because you wrote to the editor and we agreed that you're on to something good. Videos like these:

Greg Hits Hollywood

Alien Vlog 1 - First Contact

So Why Walk 1000 Miles?

Pre-School Political Ad

"We Are the Strange" Trailer

YourTube SPOTLIGHT #3 'Your Selection!'

"Moonbeam Death Ray" CG Music Video

Die By Dawn

SNOWMEN HUNTERS Ep 08: Michael Jackson F@#*s Boys

I also hear amazing stories about opportunities that came up for people after they were featured on YouTube, and I'd like to share those with the community, too. Here's some recent news that made us proud:

• After we featured his hilarious response to superlunary's Five Questions! video, Zipster08 says he was contacted by VH1 to do a rant on the show Web Junk 20: You Tube for Dummies?

• Thanks to his brave ingestion of spices, Gisthename told us he "got a lot of attention in Norway and was on the absolute biggest talk show in Norway. I have also got some job offers in entertaining on the internet."

• YouTube's promotion of the Free Hugs Campaign. Inspiring Story! video, which so many of you told us about, led to an appearance on Oprah, among other shows, as well as a bidding war to sign Sick Puppies, the band responsible for the song in the clip. This video is now up to an astounding 6,159,324 views.

showwhat's Pre-School Political Ad was featured on CNN Headline Morning News on November 10.

So before you get so famous you forget all about us, do drop us a line when something good happens to you because of YouTube. Or better yet, make a video about it and send us the link.