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Khan Sheikhoun attack, Wildfires rage across Arizona, NATO Protests

By Olivia Ma

Director, Google News Initiative

Everyday on the CitizenTube channel (and @CitizenTube on Twitter), along with our curation partners @storyful, we look at how the top news stories are covered on YouTube. Each week we post a weekly recap of the top news stories of the week, as seen through the lens of both citizen-reported footage and professional news coverage. 

  • We witnessed Syrian activists claim the government was responsible for the deaths of at least 21 people in the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun after attacks on a funeral procession and on UN vehicles.
  • We viewed wildfires raging across parts of Arizona, increasing in size due to strong winds and continuing dry weather.
  • We watched protests against the upcoming NATO summit lead to arrests outside buildings in the downtown Chicago area.
  • We saw newly-elected French president François Hollande's inauguration take place in Paris.
  • We followed the presidential candidates on the US campaign trail, as Mitt Romney stuck to his guns over marriage equality.
  • We saw two Russians and an American board the International Space Station from a Soyuz spacecraft.
  • We heard boos and mocking remarks towards Mexican presidential race front-runner, Enrique Pena Nieto, during campaign events in Mexico City.
  • We monitored the deepening crisis in Greece where there were repeated attempts to form a coalition government in an effort to avoid a new election and a possible exit from the euro. 
  • We bade a sad farewell to 'Queen of Disco' Donna Summer, who passed away this week in Florida after a battle with cancer.

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