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Keep your audience engaged with InVideo Programming

By Michael Rucker

YouTube Product Manager

Programming tools like annotations help you drive longer watch times. Now, you have another tool in your arsenal. Looking to promote your latest video? Trying the new feature called InVideo Programming.

InVideo Programming allows you to feature a video across your entire video library. In addition to featuring videos, you can also promote your channel branding. If you change your branding in the future, you can replace it with a single update. The best part is, your InVideo Programming travels with your videos wherever Video Annotations

are available.

If you are a creator in good standing, you can get started with InVideo Programming by accessing the tool in your Channel Settings. Go ahead and try the following types of InVideo Programming:

  • Launch a new show/series: Launching a new series? Use “Feature a video” to showcase a new video to drive some initial traction. 
  • Showcase an old video:
  • Have an older video that you want to promote? Go ahead and feature one of your favorite videos from your channel to drive some new viewership to that older video

  • Reinforce channel branding: Make sure your viewers are aware of your channel branding. Use “Feature your channel” to promote your logo across your library and make it easier for viewers to visit your channel page and subscribe. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll launch reporting to give you the ability to track the performance of your InVideo Programming, and we'll make UI enhancements to help you give your viewers more context behind your promotion