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Keep making history: Celebrating the artists, activists and creators of today

By Danielle Tiedt

Chief Marketing Officer at YouTube

It's deeply important to us to make YouTube a great place for diverse creators. We've been excited to shine a light throughout Black History Month on amazing black vloggers, comedians, and beauty gurus like Nathan Zed, Tre Melvin, Akilah Hughes, TPindell and Jackie Aina, who connect with millions of fans on YouTube every day.

These are some of the creators who remind us that celebrating black history doesn't start and end in February. Black history is American history and black voices are making contributions every single day.

We're inspired by how black creators share their stories, art and vision on YouTube. Already this year, people around the world watched Swoozie interview President Obama and tuned in to Marques Brownlee, Chescaleigh and SoldierKnowsBest asking presidential hopefuls tough questions on nationally televised debates. Issa Rae created new opportunities for aspiring black talent to tell their stories online. Amandla Stenberg graced the cover of Teen Vogue following her viral "crash course on black culture" that ignited conversations on identity, music, art and appropriation.

From forging new paths in entertainment and storytelling to shining a light on injustices fueling the #BlackLivesMatter movement, black voices are an engine of creativity, innovation, thought and progress that runs all year long. To all the change makers, educators, entertainers, trendsetters, and storytellers, keep innovating, keep mobilizing, keep creating and most of all--keep making history.

Black history is American history and we are proud to be part of the stories being told.