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K-Pop - the latest genre in YouTube music

By Sun Lee

Head of Music Content Partnerships & Subscriptions

The Korean music genre K-Pop had a big global moment in 2011.

The October SM Town Live showcase in New York — featuring SHINEE, Girls’ Generation, and TVXQ — sold out Madison Square Garden. Wonder Girls, who previously opened for the Jonas Brothers’ 2009 North American tour, have seen millions of views from around the world in just a few weeks for their latest single “Be My Baby.” American producers are also moving in on the K-Pop action. Michael Jackson veteran Teddy Riley produced Girls’ Generation’s new track “The Boys.” and has been at work with 2NE1 on new material. And when YouTube livestreamed the Mnet Asian Music Awards at the end of November, more than 90 percent of the views were from outside of Korea.

Since K-Pop has broken so big, we thought it was a good time to give this unique set of artists their own genre on If you select “K-Pop” from the menu, you’ll get the latest K-Pop videos and a list of upcoming concerts near you. 

We’ll hopefully be adding more and more Korean music labels and artists in the future, so check back on the K-Pop section of the Music page to see the latest singles from your favorite artists and some songs from people you may not have known.