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Join us for a Hangout On Air chat with JasonMundayMusic and AlexCarpenter

By Sherif Hamdy

YouTube Partner Support

We're excited to announce that the Partner Support team will be hosting the second session in our series of Hangouts On Air with past “On The Rise” featured partners. Please join us this Wednesday, October 3, at 10am PT while we chat with Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter. Jason and Alex are both accomplished YouTube partners whose videos showcase their musical endeavors. We’ll be chatting with them about their experiences on YouTube and how they’ve grown their channels, and we'll moderate your questions for them as well!

A usual, we will be live streaming the hangout on the YouTube Partner Support channel and on Google+ at

We'll give plenty of time for Alex and Jason to share their stories and advice, but we'd love to make sure they answer your questions as well. If you have questions about either of their histories on YouTube, or want to ask their advice about how to grow your channel and audience, please submit your questions here:

We hope you can join us on Wednesday!