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Join us for a Hangout On Air chat with TheSlowMoGuys!

By Cheryl Pon

YouTube Partner Support

Join the Partner Support team this Friday, November 9, at 10am PT / 1pm ET while we chat with Gavin Free of TheSlowMoGuys. Gavin and his co-creator Dan are accomplished YouTubers who have been experimenting with high-speed cameras for many years both professionally and as a hobby. Their channel showcases uniquely creative videos and fascinating insight to the slower side of life. We’ll be chatting with him about his experience on YouTube, how he produces his videos and how he has grown his channel.

As usual, we will be live streaming the hangout on the YouTube Partner Support channel and on Google+ at

We'll give plenty of time for Gavin to share his production tips and YouTube stories, but most of all we'd love to make sure he answers all of your questions. If you have a burning question for him about his Channel, how he makes his videos, or any tips he has on how to become a successful YouTube partner, submit them here:

Hope to see you this Friday, November 9!