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It's Hammer Time!

By The YouTube Team

Things are really picking up around here. Not only are we adding servers and bandwidth as fast as we can, we're also pleased to report that last month's kitchen sink upgrade was successfully integrated into the snack area and we hope to have that dirty dishes bug patched shortly.

As if we didn't have enough reasons to be excited, the other night we got a visit from MC HAMMER! Hammer came by the office to lend a hand and showed us the sweet new video for his song Look. While Hammer was here he dropped some serious science about the recording industry and taught us the difference between Hyphy, Thizz and Krumping. Check out the video, it's totally hyphy (see??). We gave him the grand tour and of course shot some video. Be sure to check out our awesome giant-curtain-wall-substitutes and the crazy tribal pattern we pimped our office walls with (it actually represents bandwidth but we all got it tattooed on our ankles anyway).