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InVideo Programming goes mobile

By Jakob Foerster

YouTube Product Manager

Last October, you started being able to cross promote your videos and reinforce your channel branding from inside all of your channel’s videos. Called InVideo Programming, this feature is now being used by over a million channels, and is driving millions of hours of watch time.

Now, you’re getting a smaller screen on the smaller screen. InVideo Progamming is available on the latest YouTube iOS and Android apps, and will soon be on the YouTube mobile website, to help you get viewers to tune in to your next video. The best part ─ there’s nothing you need to do! The video you program from your desktop will work across both platforms.

Call-to-Action overlays are also now displaying on the latest iOS and Android apps, and will soon appear on the mobile web site. You can use these overlays to share more information about the content of your video, raise interest in your channel, or your own web site. Call-to-Action overlays are currently only available to advertisers in AdWords for video, but we’re working on making them accessible to any channel later this year. You can learn more in our help center.