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The YouTube Official Blog has a completely new look

Here's why we're relaunching the blog.

YouTube has changed a lot since we launched 15 years ago. The video’s size on the page, the video resolution we deliver, our homepage’s layout — not to mention the breadth and depth of our vibrant creator and artists communities, many of whom now earn a living on YouTube. One thing that’s remained the same, though, is our YouTube blog built on Blogger. After 15 years on the site — from our very first post on July 7, 2005 — it’s time to change things up. 

So today we are bringing you a new destination to deliver announcements, information, updates and behind-the-scenes insights into what’s happening. This will be in addition to the other communications channels we already have across social, in-product notifications and workshops. And while I’m a little embarrassed it’s taken us 15 years to make this change, I’m really excited about the new stuff we’re going to bring you. The new YouTube Official Blog (yes, yes, I know, the name is pretty boring, but it’s the one that works best with SEO) will now be split up into four topic pages that outline the different kinds of content we want to bring to you:

  1. News & Events: You’ll see the latest happenings, launches, and biggest news here, including letters from our CEO, Susan Wojcicki.

  2. Creator & Artist Stories: Creators and artists are at the heart of YouTube, and we want the blog to reflect that. We’ll be doing more profiles on inspiring creators and artists like Beleaf in Fatherhood. You’ll see what creators are popularizing and doing on YouTube these days.

  3. Culture & Trends: So much is happening around the world and being shared on YouTube every single day. This is where we’ll write about raising chickens and how people are getting by, or finding connections, while in quarantine. Expect to see insights from our new monthly series, where we interview a Culture & Trends manager.

  4. Inside YouTube: At YouTube, there are a lot of people working day and night to make the site better. We want this section to give you an opportunity to meet some of these people. For example, in Work Diaries, one of our new series, you’ll get to follow a standard five-day workweek of YouTube’s human rights lawyer, Malika Saada Sar; and Director of Black Music & Culture, Tuma Basa (coming soon). And every month, you’ll get to know our YouTube Liaison, Matt Koval, with his column, Koval’s Corner, where he’ll do deep dives on creator issues.

These are stressful and exhausting times, and it feels weird launching a blog redesign when there’s so much to feel uneasy about. But we also believe it’s more important than ever to double down on further opening the lines of communication between us and everyone in our community. So take a moment to click around, check the tires and take the new site for a spin. There’s a long way to go, but we hope it feels a bit bigger and more spacious, and ultimately, more helpful to all of you.